The Youth Declaration Celebrates 1 Year

We are celebrating one year of the presentation of the Youth Declaration at the OAS General Assembly. Last year we delivered it along with more than 48,000 signatures. 🥳 let’s remind the OAS what we stand for and what we expect from our representatives. We will a be trending topic today, June 26th. Join the hashtag #1stYearYouthDeclaration” and share the video and link of the celebration. Also tag the official accounts @OAS_official @OEA_official and @Almagro_OEA2015


The Youth Declaration was a success!

We want to thank you for your support in having signed the Youth Declaration, which we presented in the 49th General Assembly of the OAS this year in Medellin, Colombia. The Declaration was backed by more than 34,000 signatures, and the number is still growing!

We had the opportunity to share the Declaration with the Secretary General of the OAS, ambassadors, and civil organizations. We also gave it to and talked personally with the ambassadors of 15 countries, presenting them our main concerns and proposals.

Additionally, in parallel, we facilitated the youth forum, in which youth from more than 10 countries participated, and they committed to continue working to promote the Declaration and its principles. Without a doubt, the presence of the youth was felt very strongly in the Assembly.

Finally, we want to share with you that the participation of organizations in favor of life and the family exceeded all expectations, to such an extent that it inspired all coalitions in attendance to jointly promote a Pro-Life Continental Blockade, which we presented to the media as part of the Assembly.

We want your continued support and together continue to influence the decisions that affect our present and future. This was a great step, but we will keep working to have a greater impact and to have a true representation.

Thank you again!

We invite you to check out the pictures of the speech, the youth forum, the presentation of the signatures, and the presentation of the pro-life continental blockade, as well as the photos of the ambassadors and representatives with whom we had the opportunity to speak.

We also invite you to follow YouthDeclaration on Twitter. There is more work to be done, and we need everyone’s participation to ensure a true impact on the region.